The final solution!

Ever since, Hamas fired its rockets into Israel on 7th October 2023 the focus of the world has been on this region. It is claimed that thousands of bombs were fired claiming nearly 1000 lives of innocent women and children. About 200 people were taken hostage. The indomitaacble Iron Dome of Israel was breached. It was subjected the humiliation of being caught napping.

The sympathetic leaders of the world converged on Israel offering their solidarity either in person or on the phone. The US president Joe Biden ensured his uncompromising support Israel standing shoulder to shoulder with the Israeli prime minister. The prime minister of the UK, Rishi Sunak, in his televised address standing beside the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu professed his support of Israel in its darkest hour. This came soon after the German Chancellor consoled Israel and offered his complete cooperation.

All these leaders condemned the Hamas and saw this as a moment to come together for the cause of innocent victim who had been unjustly attacked.

Israel, decided to show its might and started its disproportionate response almost instantly with little or no warning. They started targeting tall buildings claiming to be hideouts of the Hamas. On the contrary it was indiscriminatory bombings that displaced over 200,000 people. It further disconnected the water, electricity and food supplies to the area. The total number of dead in Palestine are still being counted as they are being dug out of the rubble.

The call to Palestinians was to move to Egypt to seek safety. Egypt on the other hand had its borders closed to prevent the escalation of the situation. The Palestinians were sure that if they cross over to Egypt, it will be a path of no return. This will be a way to further extend the occupation of Israel into Palestine. They also think that the Gaza strip will be erased from the map of Palestine once and for all.

Gaza-stad op 15 oktober 2023, na dagen van Israëlische bombardementen (foto: Anas al-Sharif).
Gaza-stad op 15 oktober 2023, na dagen van Israëlische bombardementen (foto: Anas al-Sharif).

After two weeks of bombing, in the last few days, relief trucks are finding their way into the Gaza strip. This relief appears to be slow and too little to meet the needs of the people who have been severely affected.

As the world watches the unfolding events in Israel and Palestine, in India there has been a lot of clamouring. As usual there are discussions on the two sides of the coin.

The right-wing Hindutva groups have their rumour mills grinding as usual, as they justify the attacks on Palestine. “They attacked you, so you should show your full muscle”. “Especially Israel is surrounded by Muslim countries who will unite and destroy Israel and so we must support unconditionally”.

The history, they even quote the Bible for this convenient case to prove that the Jews lived there for thousands of years, and they have been landless and persecuted all over the world and they need a place. “How dare they get attacked. We need to offer help”.

Het geweld in de oostelijke deelstaat Manipur gaat verder, maar is voor de Indiase premier Narendra Modi geen aandachtspunt.
Het geweld in de oostelijke deelstaat Manipur gaat verder, maar is voor de Indiase premier Narendra Modi geen aandachtspunt.

With very little sense of history and geography this information is being spread. The Prime Minister of India offered his support and said that he was pained to see what was going on in Israel. The same person has failed to comment on the happenings in Manipur in India as the violence continues for over 175 days.

While offering his concern to Israel, he also expresses his concern for the Palestinians soon after. This puts a country like India in a difficult situation. In the early days following the creation of the state of Israel in 1948, the young India stood firmly with Palestine. In the 50’s and 60’s India recognized the sensitivity of the region and constantly stood with the Palestinian cause. This situation continued till Indira Gandhi was in power.

The relations with the state of Israel were born out of the need for the trade relations. In the early 80’s the relationship began to sweeten and in the 90’s an embassy was established with consular services.

Today the trade relations have grown to several billions of dollars consisting of purchases of aircrafts, small arms, pharmaceuticals and so on. This is one of the main reasons that this relationship cannot be jeopardized.

It is sometimes even reduced as a problem of one country, “Israel” and “we can’t interfere”. Since they offered support in our most difficult times during the Kargil War, we are duty bound to support them is the line to thinking of Indian diplomacy.

For a nation that is willing to go any extent to destroy Palestine and its people this bombing was served on a golden platter to Israel. In many ways this is being welcomed as an opportunity to find a final solution to the conflict. Destroy the Palestinians in Gaza strip and make it part of Israel!

Ashok Gladston Xavier

Ashok Gladston Xavier is associate professor in social work at Loyola College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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