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Sudanese refugees awaiting aid distribution in Chad, near the border with Sudan (source: UN).

Sudan: Urgent Action Needed on Hunger Crisis

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is expected to alert the Security Council in the coming days that Sudan has entered a downward spiral of extreme conflict-induced hunger, Human Rights Watch said on 15 March. The council should immediately take action, including by adopting targeted sanctions against individuals responsible for obstructing aid access in Darfur.


Eritrean asylum seekers who oppose the regime in Eritrea protest outside a conference of regime supporters in south Tel Aviv, September 2, 2023 (foto: Itai Ron/Flash90).

How Eritrean regime agents persecute asylum seekers in Israel

Israeli authorities have long turned a blind eye to the threat Eritreans face from their own government, leaving the community desperate to protect itself, writes Guli Dolev-Hashiloni on the alternative Israeli online 972 Magazine.

The long arm of Asmara: riots in Tel Aviv between Eritrean dictatorship supporters and opponents

On Saturday [2 September 2023] there was a full-scale riot in Israel, with groups attacking each other with poles, bricks and anything else they could lay their hands on. The fighting on the streets of Tel Aviv left at least 160 people injured, with eight in a serious condition. Almost 50 police officers were also injured, most suffering from bruises and other injuries caused by stone-throwing.

The Eritrean ‘Fourth Front’: Festivals as a tool to control the diaspora

Riots broke out in The Hague on 17 February 2024. It is the latest in a string of clashes around the world involving pro-democracy and pro-government Eritreans.


Strijders van de M23-rebellengroep in Goma in november 2012.

M23 crisis flares again in North Kivu: context, dynamics and risks

Op 20 december gaan de Congolezen naar de stembus. Niet minder dan 25 kandidaten hebben zich gemeld voor het presidentschap. Maar de verkiezingen zullen in het oosten van Congo worden overschaduwd door het fors toegenomen geweld in de provincies Noord- en Zuid-Kivu en Ituri. Vooral de rebellen van de M23, gesteund door buurland Rwanda, en allerlei lokale milities, gesteund door huurlingen, maken zich op grote schaal schuldig aan oorlogsmisdaden. Ook het regeringsleger (FARDC) gaat daarbij niet vrijuit. Volgens recente cijfers van de VN zouden in totaal bijna 7 miljoen Congolezen op de vlucht zijn voor het geweld. Een analyse door experts van IPIS.


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